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Your Transformation Catalyst

Common Challenges Faced by Organizations looking to transform 


Failure rate in enterprise transformation


Building common ground for trust and transparency


Confusing change with transformation


Providing re-inforcing system to support change management

What We Offer

We offer fractional growth executives to help organizations drive growth. We provide growth programs designed to achieve board and investor objectives. Our business is designed to help you find your path – we are your travel agents for change.

We know that change is constant, and that growth is a choice – we help our clients choose growth!

We believe personal growth drives organizations. We see organizational growth foster community change. We think community development reinforces a global village.

Pdo!nk was founded to leverage the experience, energy and passion of its team to create better ways to live, learn, and earn. We choose to work with individuals and organizations that are looking to evolve and grow.

  • Transformation Mentorship 66%
  • X-Factor Programs 80%
  • Execution Excellence 95%

X-Factor Learning Ladders


We work to understand your current state and your desired state to assess and triangulate your journey


We use design and practice to test out the best pathways for growth – and choose these paths based on your business objectives


Once you understand and practice – you are ready to share your story and take a journey with others to build new markets

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we are asked.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with individuals, teams, and organizations that are looking to drive repeatable and scalable growth. We are working with clients that have high-tech and high-touch challenges. We work with clients looking to build community, eco-systems and hyper growth models.

We help clients that are ready to disrupt – to bring their business model past MVP scale issues.

How do we work with you?

The common thread of every engagement is that it revolves around learning and readiness for change.

This means the nature of the contract can be a transaction, a project, a retainer or the hiring of a fractional team.

How did you come up with the name pdo!nk?

The name, pronounced “pe’doink”, was something a colleague threw-out when we needed to name a team for a project. He said that’s the sound of an exclamation mark!

For us, the name took on more meaning as we compared this new word to the concept of an Aha or Eureka only to realize that a pdoink is not just the insight, but it is the energy you get to take on that challenge to foster your growth.

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